Barton J. Sidle, P.A. is a member of the AARP Legal Services Network.

Areas Of Practice

Estate Planning

We help clients identify their estate planning goals and prepare a plan that meets their needs while maximizing the value of their estate passing to designated beneficiaries. We also counsel clients on issues related to long-term health care, medical assistance eligibility, disability, living wills, powers of attorney and a myriad of other estate planning issues.

We also represent clients in contesting wills, interpreting wills and trusts, and related litigation. We also provide complete probate and estate administration services in all Maryland counties.

Whether your needs include the simplest will or the most sophisticated and comprehensive estate plan, we have the skill and experience required to effectively represent you. Please contact us with your estate planning questions on all areas including:

  • Wills
  • Estate Planning
  • Advance Medical Directives
  • Living Wills
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Medical Assistance Planning
  • Long Term Disability Planning
  • Trusts
  • Living (Revocable) Trusts
  • Estate and Gift Taxes
  • Inheritance Taxes
  • Estate Administration/Probate
  • Caveats
  • Charitable Giving
  • Discretionary Trusts and Special Needs Trusts
If you answer no to any of the following questions, you should contact us about Estate Planning.
  1. Do you have all of your important personal documents and records on hand in a secure place, such as a desk, file cabinet, or safe deposit box? (birth and marriage certificates; adoption, divorce, naturalization, immigration, and military discharge papers; etc.)
  2. Do you have basic legal documents which direct what happens to your assets when you die (such as a will or trust)?
  3. Do you have the basic legal documents to designate who will make personal decisions and handle your financial affairs in the event you are unable to do this for yourself (such as a financial power of attorney and a health care power of attorney)?
  4. Do you have all of your financial records on hand, in some order, and up to date? (tax returns, deeds, insurance policies, investment records, pension records, bank statements, etc.)
  5. Do you know how each of your assets are titled and why this is a crucial issue?
  6. Are your insurance needs met to the extent practical?
  7. Are you comfortable that your investments are both safe and productive?
  8. Are you receiving all of the public or private benefits to which you are entitled? (Social Security, Medicare, private pensions, etc.) If not, do you know when and where to apply for them?
  9. Do you know which changes in your life will require a review of your legal health status?
  10. Do you have a resource, such as an attorney or accountant, in the event you require professional advice or assistance?

Commercial Law and Litigation

We represent a broad range of businesses and individuals, including the computer/high tech, healthcare, banking/financial, real estate, retail, and wholesalers. We routinely appear in all area courts, as well as before court-sanctioned arbitrators and mediators. If you have a question related to commercial litigation, please contact us.

We represent businesses, individuals, plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of commercial matters and disputes including:

  • Copyright and trademark infringement
  • General Business and Corporate Matters
  • Bankruptcy
  • Covenants not to compete
  • Employment issues
  • Debtor/Creditor's Rights
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Insurance planning
  • Landlord - tenant
  • Leases
  • Start-ups
  • Business formation
  • Business succession planning
  • Dissolution
  • Incorporations
  • Limited liability corporations (LLCs)
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLPs)
  • Partnerships
  • Reorganization
  • Professional Negligence

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

We handle all types of serious and catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases involving:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Construction Site Accidents
  • Workplace Accidents/Workers' Compensation
  • Dog and Animal Bites
  • Dangerous and Defective Products
  • Medical Negligence / Malpractice
  • Nursing Home Negligence / Elder Abuse
  • Premises Liability

Real Estate

We represent clients in most commercial and residential real estate related matters. We offer the flexibility to represent both sophisticated real estate developers and relative newcomers, and we tailor our services accordingly. Our services encompass:

  • Real Estate Closings
  • Acquisition and Disposition
  • Contract and Deed Negotiation and Drafting
  • Commercial and Retail Leasing
  • Construction Law
  • Mechanic's Liens
  • Property Damage Claims
  • Landlord - Tenant
  • Title Disputes
  • Property Ownership Disputes
  • Mortgage Disputes
  • Tax Sale Foreclosures

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with any type of criminal offense from the least serious traffic infraction to the most serious felony, you need expert representation. We help our clients successfully negotiate the criminal justice system and provide outstanding representation in all facets of the law. Barton J. Sidle, P.A. represents clients in all types of criminal court cases, from minor traffic violations and misdemeanors to serious felonies.

DUI-DWI Defense

A DUI - DWI conviction in Maryland carries with it heavy penalties, often including incarceration. If you have been arrested or accused of drunk driving, DUI, DWI, vehicular homicide, or any other alcohol-related criminal offense, you are probably frightened, confused, and concerned about your future and that of your family. The selection of an experienced attorney is the first step towards regaining control of your life. Please contact us today.

Family Law

Clients involved in family law disputes need both personal and professional support with calm and reasoned decision-making. We can handle all of your family law needs, from the detailed management of a complex marital property dispute to the sensitive advocacy needed in an emotionally charged child custody proceeding. We stress both litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation, and represent clients in a full range of family law matters, including:

  • Adoption
  • Alimony, maintenance, or spousal support
  • Child custody and support
  • Contempt and enforcement proceedings
  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence protective orders
  • Legal separation
  • Marital property division
  • Mediation
  • Paternity
  • Post-judgment modification
  • Premarital and prenuptial agreements
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Visitation and placement